Our unique and highly profitable manual trading strategy where you will achieve exactly the same profits we do.

Manual Trading

Our Manual Trading Service

Our forex trading company first started in 2010 and was purely a manual signals service giving live signals through a daily webinar. Since then it has developed significantly covering all aspects of trading, but our roots were in providing manual signals during the main market opening hours.

We have developed our manual strategies significantly and everything we do has been grown from what the trader needs and wants on a daily basis. Zeno Forex Trading now with its own in-house regulated trading team provides high probability trading signals, live on screen every trading day.

The cost of the Manual Trading membership is £49.99 per month or get Manual Trading free when you upgrade to Auto Trading for just £99.99 per month for both services.

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Manual Trading Simply Explanied

Join The Daily Webinar

In the members area, just click on the daily webinar and you will get our Manual Trading Screen in front of you with the four markets and their entry and exit signals.

Webinar Trading Times

Wherever you are in the world, then you will get the change to join in. The webinar runs for an incredible 12 hrs every day from 08:00hrs till 22:00hrs UK time.

The Trading Signals

On each market below the chart you see our trading algo. This gives precise entry signals for that market and also exit signals. It is impossible to get them wrong.

Simple To Do

Trading the Manual Signals is very simple to do and you just follow the entry and exit signals for as long as you want. Each trade has a defined entry and exit criteria

We Guide You

The webinar is live and we are there to narrated each trade as it happens so if you are not sure we can instantly help. This is unique in the forex industry.

Money Management

Everything you need we provide each strategy has a strict money management plan which you will have in the members area so there is no getting it wrong.

With Our Live Trading Desk We Are There Always To Help With Any Query

Live Trading Desk

Every weekday we are live on the Trading Desk from 08:00hrs till 16:00hrs UK time. No one else does this and shows our commitment to you to make you successful. You access this through the Daily Webinar link on your members area.

We narrated the manual trades as they start and progress and also provide you with market analysis and any news items that may be coming up that needs some action on the trade. You are never on your own we are there to help constantly

The Trading desk is where you can ask whatever you want and get an immediate reply whether it be on trading or membership etc. We are there to help right through the day and also provide from time to time educational items for your learning.

Manual Signals Trading Performance

Take a look below at what you can achieve when you trade

the manual signals during the day

Our Manual Trading Results

September Performance

October Performance

Zeno Forex Trading was designed with one goal, which is to provide a service that gives the everyday trader what he or she needs to succeed in trading the markets.

Company Details

Zeno Forex Trading is part of the Zeno Strategics Group.

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