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Having a great strategy is just part of the equation, the other side is having a broker that can adapt and provide the exact account you need to give you an even greater edge for the strategy to flourish. We have worked hard to find the perfect brokers for you to get the best possible accounts with the smallest spread and commissions.

Zeno have not only succeeded in this but surpassed all requirements. Due to our power in the marketplace we have secured INSTITUTIONAL LEVEL accounts for all our customers. These cannot be found anywhere else unless you are a high wealth individual or professional trader.

You will get raw spreads and very tight commissions on each broker we work with. This means every time you place a trade it costs far less than any regular high street or online broker. These are the accounts that everyone needs and wants but nobody can access, but with us its you get this as part of the package.

Institutional Level Account As a Normal Everyday Trader


Since 2009 Infinox have delivered a premium trading and investing experience. They have built their business on integrity and trust, while giving their clients the insight and confidence to trade worldwide. The Infinox brand encapsulates the essence of their business philosophy which is driven by premium customer service.

Their products and technology create a unique trading environment that will give you the edge in the markets. Infinox have a partnership with Equinox, the world leader in trading server technology and connects their MT4 and investment platforms with deep liquidity pools.

Their goal is to let you trade and invest with confidence across global markets. They aim to help you succeed through a mix of dynamic products, cutting edge technology and world class customer service.

Overlay this with regulation, good leverage, simple and fast in and out of funds coupled with the institutional level accounts we can provide exclusively to YOU through them then everything is covered from a traders requirements. Click the button below and open the account today


Raw Spreads To Provide Greater Profits

We provide all the tools to allow you to succeed in the market and our brokers provide the best accounts you can get in the industry.

Core Liquidity Markets

Core Liquidity Markets (CLM) is a premier, financial services firm that offers online trading for Forex, Equities, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrencies through one integrated MetaTrader 4 platform. They are a provider of over-the-counter (OTC) financial services, offering traders around the world access to a wide range of speculative and hedging products from one simple interface. The firm services retail investors, professional traders and asset managers from over 100 countries.

CLM’s Principals and Management Team brings over 40 years combined experience in the financial services industry. They have held roles in trading, brokerage, and technology-firms, some of which are amongst the largest in the world.Core Liquidity Markets has strict banking and account policies in place to protect client funds. They maintain client segregated trust accounts at top tier banks, in highly regulated jurisdictions for each base currency offered. This setup clearly distinguishes client funds from company operational funds providing clients additional security and protection.

Simple in out transfer of funds very quickly, good leverage and the same institutional level accounts as provided by Infinox so we have negotiated the same account structure for both brokers. CLM are very well know in the industry for excellent customer service and fast responses.

Zeno Forex Trading was designed with one goal, which is to provide a service that gives the everyday trader what he or she needs to succeed in trading the markets.

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Zeno Forex Trading is part of the Zeno Strategics Group.

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