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Auto Trading

Our Auto Trading Service

The most prestigious part of the Zeno Forex Trading service is our Alpha Tradr Strategy. Run by our regulated forex trading team, the strategy has never been seen before in the financial trading industry.

Zeno philosophised that you always lag in time to where you really want to be. Doesn’t this remind you of the indicators, showing you after the event which way you should have gone, but never tells you beforehand where to go. 

The Alpha Tradr strategy was designed with this very item in mind and looks forward to where the market will go and not where it is at the moment. It uses range positioning and the institutional currency index, which is streamed into our servers.

The combination of these two items provides a very powerful strategy to trade the markets successfully. The cost of membership for the Auto Trading is £99.99 per month and you also get the Manual Signals free.

Trading Effectively Is About Assessing Probabilities, Not Certainties.

Auto Trading Simply Explained

Register for membership

Click on the register link and sign up for the Auto Trading membership. You will also get access free of charge to our daily webinar and Manual Signals

Link to our broker

In the members area sign up to our regulated forex broker on the link provided so the broker then flags you as a Zeno Auto Trading member.

Institutional spreads

You will then get an account with institutional spreads allocated to you and also the ability to open further accounts for manual trading with those spreads!!

Sign the LPOA

Once your account is funded then you will be sent a Limited Power of Attorney to sign allowing us to trade your account.

Linking to the master

Your account will be added to the master account so you then get all trades which we put onto the master account in the correct money management ratio.

Trading the account

You can then sit back and watch your account on your computer or phone as each trade unfolds or just forget it and take a look every few days to see how it is doing.

Your Success Is Our Top Priority And We Treat Your Account With Care Of Our Own

The Hard Facts Of Trading

Trading is a very difficult business to be in and many companies have a don’t care attitude so long as they provide a service and YOU pay for it. At Zeno Forex trading we have always been different.

We have our funds in the same master as you do. Since we started in 2010 our members will always say that we put them at the top of the list at ALL times. Our customer interaction is second to none and we are proud of this.

There will be profits and losses, but we work diligently to provide the best possible service we can to grow your account and are constantly making adjustments to improve and amend the strategy in line with changing market conditions. 

Our money management and trading approach is always on the cautious side and if we are not happy with the conditions we stop until we are. Your account is always our top priority and we manage it as our own.

Automated Trading Performance

Take a look below at what you can achieve

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Our Auto Trading Results

Zeno Forex Trading was designed with one goal, which is to provide a service that gives the everyday trader what he or she needs to succeed in trading the markets.

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Zeno Forex Trading is part of the Zeno Strategics Group.

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