A bit of information about our background and the experience we have in the forex industry

About Us

About The Company

The company was born in 2010 and has adapted to the many changes that the forex trading industry has encountered. These changes were very extensive and aimed at making it far harder for the normal person in the street to keep trading.

Many forex trading companies and signal providers have come and gone since we started, but none really looked at what the customer needed and provide a service to do this.They just concentrated on making money themselves.

Our CEO is well know in the industry and has many articles published and made many powerful alliances to bring together a service which is both comprehensive and unique in the forex trading world and all under a regulated umbrella.

Join A Team Dedicated To Your Success

Take a look at the unique service we provide and the customer
interaction we deliver which is world class

What We Offer

  • Daily live manual trading from 08:00hrs till 22:00hrs every weekday
  • Live trading desk with a daily educational webinar
  • A unique trading strategy never seen in the world of forex trading before
  • Designed and run by one of the best trading teams in the industry delivered to your account. 
  • Regulated broker linking with institutional spreads on your account.
  • A daily live service that provides you with everything needed to become a great trader, or just follow us and make the same profits we do, the choice is yours. 
  • You can dedicate every day to this or just 5 minutes a day and benefit no matter what your daily restrictions. 
  • Regulated asset management team who are always managing the strategy 

Zeno Forex Trading was designed with one goal, which is to provide a service that gives the everyday trader what he or she needs to succeed in trading the markets.

Company Details

Zeno Forex Trading is part of the Zeno Strategics Group.

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